OpenAppStack (OAS) is a platform that will offer self-managed, click-and-play provisioning of online applications for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). Users will be able to easily set up a self-hosted instance of OpenAppStack, so they can keep control over the data that gets entered into these applications.

More specifically, OAS is a suite of provisioning tooling to allow for deployment and management of OSS groupware tools, secure communication, circumvention and other offerings from the Internet Freedom community. Users will be able to login using Single Sign-on and multi-factor authentication to all of these tools offered by OpenAppStack. OAS can run at a cloud provider like AWS, or Greenhost, an alternative infrastructure provider or even on own hardware.

OpenAppStack will initially package the most popular services used by CSOs: file sharing and shared calendars via Nextcloud or Seafile, internal communications with Mattermost, conferencing with Jitsi, Janus or Jangouts, and a single sign-on and sign-off solution for this services. The OpenAppStack dashboard will act as an authentication broker and user manager. This is to make sure that no technical skills are required whatsoever. Access will be synchronized over multiple attached services. OpenAppStack is built around a single-tenant cloud model, which means that every organization will have its own OpenAppStack system setup. OpenAppStack will be unique as it will be able to self-update software, without interaction of the end-user CSO.

For tool developers OpenAppStack provides CI/CD and (functional) testing hooks as well as APIs to integrate the setup process into the user interface, allowing additional applications to become supported and included.

The project is run by Greenhost in collaboration with and funded by OTF.’s role is providing and working to further develop Deflect and Caisleán, which will deliver security services to OpenAppStack clientele. Furthermore, they will provide Ansible recipes for the creation and provisioning of Docker images, including their Wordpress framework and secure communication platforms.

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