OpenAppStack (OAS) is a platform that will offer self-managed, click-and-play provisioning of online applications for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). Users will be able to easily set up a self-hosted instance of OpenAppStack, so they can keep control over the data that gets entered into these applications.

Why OpenAppStack?

OpenAppStack is:

Open Source

OpenAppStack is based on open source applications. At the moment, we provide an office suite containing:

Self updating

As soon as an application releases an update, the OpenAppStack team will make sure that the application can be upgraded without causing trouble. When the team is sure your environment is compatible with the newest version, the applications will update themselves automatically! This makes sure you’re always running the newest version of the applications you use, which is good for the safety of your data.

Easy to deploy

Installing OpenAppStack on a VPS is as simple as running 1 script. Follow the installation instructions to get started right away!

Warning: OpenAppStack is currently still under heavy development. Please follow the installation instructions and let us know how it went!. However, we recommend you don’t use OpenAppStack for your important projects yet.


Because OpenAppStack combines several open source applications in one package, we want to make sure you only have to use one account for these different applications. Each application that supports OpenID connect will be automatically integrated with OpenAppStack’s single sign-on solution.

Apart from that, we pick applications that can work well together. For example, when you upload a document to your Nextcloud file server, you are able to open that document in the Nextcloud interface and edit it with ONLYOFFICE.

At the moment, we are actively developing our single sign-on application as well as the user panel that’s linked to it.

Latest news

Progress Report November

November started out great with the OTF summit. We had some very good conversations about the future of collaboration using open source tools and a lot of other interesting talks

You can find more news here

Project maintainers

The project is run by Greenhost in collaboration with and funded by OTF.